Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Grudge (1-3 and the next...if any)

The first, the part 2 and 3 are all incorporated herein as I decided not to waste time analyzing each and every installment seeing the same boy, the crawling lady and arrrrgggh!! Please! I have had enough of that rattling sound!! I was almost summoned to human resource due to massive complains when I set it as my ring tone several years ago. When will the curse of this closet-bitch wife ends as she keeps on victimizing purely innocent people along with their family and even neighbors? Oh well, Takashi Shimizu made me scream out loud with the story, musical scoring, and make-up effects but critic-wise it’s a two thumbs down for me. Really!

Tagline: It never forgives, it never forgets.

Here’s my grudge about this flick. Ok, you are infatuated to a white dude, recorded everything you feel about him in a diary and when your husband read it, he broke your neck and stuck you in the attic. Not just that. He drowned your little boy, gashed a poor kitty’s throat then later took his own life. Even this cutie you’ve been following all the time jumped to his end upon discovering what happened. Now you’re back and cursing anyone to death and what in rage you're doing this you desperate stalker?!

Kayako – eradicated due to alleged infidelity, proven though diary. According to some laws of karma, what goes around comes around.

Takeo – eradicated through suicide out of guilt due to his wrath. Based on Dante’s 7 deadly sins, you possessed some of it.

Toshio – eradicated but errr…kids should really always be in their room studying, playing games, and taking a nap or early in bed especially when there’s a commotion in the house. Never listen to adult’s conversion. But yeah, the world still owes you something.

The only thing who doesn’t deserve any cruelty in that house is no other than the CAT! It’s just a poor pet with no thinking and so cute and should be the one taking revenge about its horrible fate. This is absurd, let’s get serious.

Innocent souls… how come they deserve such horrible death if they just stumble into something out of chance? A simple law of karma is missing here. Same as the soul who left the flesh will definitely be back in some time (reincarnation) or waiting for the end of time (revelation) still can’t do anything anymore when gone. This is a movie of humans with unspoken passion, jealousy, guilt and mostly innocence and yet none of them are qualified to grudge and come back slaughtering strangers because of it. What logical reason they have? All went here is just another mind’s product compared to that willy wonka’s “world of pure imagination” schema again.

But the death rattle sound really made a world-wide scare phenomenon, but still it faded in time. If you want to scream out loud to release stress, then go watch this movie. But if you want to scare yourself with sensible content, go back to Sixth Sense.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Liar, Liar

He’s a liar. No a lawyer. A liaawwyer… To make it simple, he’s the one in suit, always go to court and talk to the judges. It’s very hard to conclude if lying is indeed the only legal substance making this career lucrative compared to other profession. Well I guess it depends on how a lie should be curved or twisted to benefit the exploited and not the other way around. Lies are fallback for anything or by anyone who doesn’t conform to reality. Ever since the earth was realized to be two-thirds covered by sea water and the rest is covered by our asses, I may also say it’s atmospherically coated with lies.

Tagline: “Trust Me”

A successful lawyer who takes pride in his work by habitual lying to win a case, intimidating and much respected by his peers suddenly met the day he loathed, a day of no lies! With a broken marriage and very little time spent with his son, Fletcher is one character who warped his own trail of mendacity after realizing what really matters to him and what he will lose if he keeps on failing that line “Trust Me”.

An innocent’s wish out of natural need is one perfect reason for that change. It maybe spurred with fantasy but it give us a picture of how the complication of things can be cut down totally (mostly yes but not partially) only if we get rid ourselves of too much lies, pretension, and denials. How long can anyone refuse the sincere bids of reality rather than clinging to the sad temporaries of deceit in order to be, happy?

L-L-Lies, aside from the fact a hit song by Diana King (and the Thompson Twins in the 80’s) is also a spurious friendship ingredient where people choose to flatter and be flattered, like a bitter fruit sugarcoated to trick and gets everyone sick.

It's easier to lie, why don’t you try? Brag and feed the world of words that
somehow set a fire. A drop of truth hurts but soothes the mind and all the like. But lying keeps a tongue unkind and later there’ll be cry.

Only those who fear lie.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

M. NIght Shyamalan's "The Village"

Before I start talking about “those we do not speak of “, finally I already gained the jumpstart of blogging mood in which I severely neglected due to my previous agony of the burdened with the dotnet coding. It made me feel like I was hell scourged, crucified and haven’t completely resurrected yet. The words of praising, critic and mocking are back, and so freshed-up to start with this flick of M. Night Shyamalan where they consider the limelight of his started to shut off and the taste went against the world. Not for me, I like it.

Tagline: “Their Days of Peace Are Over”

A hidden community run by the “Elders” is somehow comparable to that 70’s series “Little House of the Prairie” scenario and life was designed to be simple, peaceful and nailed to be backward. But then along with this composed living they enjoy, they also live in fear and the strolling is limited, or else they might horribly shake hands with the claws of those “creatures” in the woods using their necks. They also have this avoidance of the “bad color”, and an old style kind of yellow ponchos outfit they need to wear every time making a peace offering with those they trespassed.

A man’s curiosity to step out of the rules that almost cost him his life has also paved way for another soul with limited senses but immeasurable love later gave answer and total picture of what is to be really feared from the forbidden.

Can this be like the global term for peace? Where the usual trend of instilling fear within the people is done in real time reporting of uber fabricated stories via all kinds of media that will later create tension, division and of course, another upswing of human ignorance? But how can we instill peace if we use fear to contain things we do not desire of? Opinions will rise politically, academically and socially, and in which I decided not to iterate and speak of in this blog.

Extracted from my onion-skinned thinking, I believe that everything proscribed always has its own way to be let loosed and allowed in a most proper and payable time. But it takes a curious mind to question, a loving heart willing and brave enough to face the uncertain and blindfoldedly fight the world’s “creatures” to defeat fear, and then later save lives.

Am I relating to this? Could be, and that’s why I passion the director!

Dan in Real Life

After making myself some extra long-term plans to be surprised, let me ask then, “what part of this movie is supposed to give me comfort?!” Absolutely I say…all of it! Profound plot, funny and the casting isn’t bad; from the beginning till the end everything went so brilliant. After watching this flick it made me feel like “my heart is just pounding, like it's actually outside my ribs, exposed, vulnerable, but wonderful and awful, and heartsick, and alive, all at the same time”. I am not exaggerating here, I snatched that line from the movie itself and by fact I also had two extra brewed Americano as I slid the disc in and sat back.

Favorite Tagline: Love is not a feeling, it’s an ability.

A newspaper columnist named Dan along with his three (3) daughters went to a family get-together vacation, and from this very short incident their lives changed drastically nobody has ever anticipated. A widower who is content with what he has and attached to his work suddenly met the woman who awakened him from a very long love-life siesta happens to be the same lady his brother is dating. For what he believe is worth fighting for, he took the risk.

Love just happen … *batting eyelashes*. Some people rested their “chronicle-mi-amor” on a low-profile mode so to allow some space and focus on what is seen deeming important. Career is mostly the reason here. But no matter how long we’ve been resolute to our job and so satisfied caressing that mouse, trusting those keys and running our eyes to that alluring 1024x768 (or more) pixel screen, a surprising moment will just come along and make us feel back that warm or extra warm under-a-new-pair-of-arms sensation! It also give options to take it or leave it, and the taking requires firm effort that might jeopardize those around us and even our best laid plans. After a long period of not having that feeling, can you perhaps… or still possess that ability to try?

A heart may pause to rest if it’s weary, but never refuse a chance whenever it’s ready. We may feel and we may think it could be love, yet worthless until mutually make a brave start.

The world will hate, hell might break,
but let heaven rate if we can pass its gate.

Keep on loving!

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Lot Like Love

“Honestly, if you're not willing to sound stupid you don't deserve to be in love.” Can this be real? Well of course! Who made it to be so smartly in-love without giving-up their egos and losing their selves just to keep a relationship and please their partners? But if you’re a complete self-centered, selfish person who only cares for what you get and manipulate your partner on your best interest, better buy a dog or any furry animal and content yourself then.

Tagline: There's nothing better than a great romance... to ruin a perfectly good friendship.

Oliver and Emily met in a very funny and sexy situation on their way to New York. After having fun wandering places in the city, sharing stories and some few alcohols, Oliver bragged about having a plan of a successful career, job and raising a family. Realizing they are poorly suited to each other, they decided to meet-up after six years and see what’s next. Within the period of six years they occasionally call and meet-up especially when they’re broken hearted. They listened, party, dine just like any ordinary friends do (well of course they still enjoy some “special” time).

Several years had gone Oliver found himself jobless, broke and living with his parents again. With not much dignity and options left, he tried to connect with Emily and then later things went well between them, as lovers this time. But what made me like this movie after all? For Oliver’s side, I admire his guts to make him self ready for love even if he has nothing to offer. And for Emily, after discovering what’s inside that old film, it’s good enough reason to give a chance with Oliver who has nothing to offer except his love.

Finding love is not hard only if we avail our self to it. We can decide who to love and when to love the moment we feel that very special sincere feeling to someone. Do we really need gigantic plans to impress somebody? Or a huge bank account laid on us will definitely make us jump into a relationship? It’s too material isn’t it? Omitting that very dark side of reality, we still need to take chances. But then we also knew that no matter how far we chase a star and grabbed it in our hands… if it won’t shine on us, we should better let loose. We can always be hopeful for the next one coming anyway. Am I relating to what I’m saying here? Hurt of letting go of something special or whatever?

Well, if it wasn't love, it was a lot like it!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Coming Soon…

A Lot Like Love, The Village, Liar Liar, Dan in Real Life, The Grudge

The English Patient

It was 13 years ago when I watched this movie in the theatre. A good friend of mine invited me to see this yet I have no idea what it’s all about, not even familiar of the actors. We left the cinema as my friend dragged me out and decided not to finish it, I don’t know what came into her. For me, it’s kinda good movie yet emotionally heavy.

Taglines: In love, there are no boundaries. In memory, love lives forever.

Let me focus on the story between Almasy and Katharine, their affair I mean. As I was reading some of my downloaded files from the internet regarding Hindu, Sikh and Buddhism faith, this movie came into my mind when I read the teachings about karma and keypoints about the roots of all human sufferings…attachment.

People have different definition of what love is. From this movie, what existed between Almasy and Katharine is one hell of a cursed one that shouldn’t be admired nor be considered as love. For me it’s a forbidden one, lustful and very selfish. It maybe passion, but not something notable like “The Notebook” and extraordinary like “While You Were Sleeping”. After allowing all those passions burst out and sweetly taste the illegalities of such emotions…who want to spend dying alone in a dark cave or remain lying on bed, unrecognizable because of the I don’t know how much degree of burn he got …360?

It’s very passionate, but very wrong. I’m not trying to be hypocrite in this one but this is somehow made me realize that love is indeed an attachment. Well of course we still need to be in-love…like they said it’s the only way to be happy. Yes for the first few years but when things go unlikely, endure the adversities as well.

But how do we look on a right kind of love? Something that wouldn’t turn us like what happened to Almasy and Katharine? Simple as this: Be sure your partner is single!